2006-07-09 Tim PopeNew hostnames (obsolete file)
2006-04-19 Tim PopeCheck for a few different directories
2006-02-28 Tim PopeNew hostnames
2005-12-16 Tim PopeGrammar error
2005-12-12 Tim PopeAllow for no "cumulative" line
2005-12-12 Tim PopevCalendar fixes
2005-12-12 Tim PopeGrade support
2005-11-05 Tim PopeCleaned up code
2005-09-29 Tim PopeMore comments
2005-09-29 Tim PopeComments
2005-09-27 Tim PopeAdded to repository
2005-08-29 Tim Popexvidtune -unlock
2005-08-24 Tim PopeEXDATE fixes
2005-08-24 Tim PopeiCal actually works in M$ Outlook
2005-08-24 Tim PopeAAAAAAAAAARGH
2005-08-24 Tim PopeMore iCal crap
2005-08-24 Tim PopeWhoops, formatting errors in iCal
2005-08-24 Tim PopeUgly iCal hack (to be improved, hopefully)
2005-08-23 Tim PopeQuick hack to improve vCal output
2005-08-21 Tim PopeBug fix
2005-08-21 Tim PopeRemoved obsolete functions
2005-08-21 Tim PopeActually works
2005-08-21 Tim PopeChanges to treatment of faculty
2005-08-20 Tim PopeFaculty URL
2005-08-20 Tim PopeError checking on file opens
2005-08-20 Tim PopeNew options system (messy)
2005-08-17 Tim PopeMiddle initial removed from CSV; AM/PM in HTML; comments
2005-08-16 Tim PopeBug fix in grades
2005-08-16 Tim PopeAdded warning and skeleton do_xml_grades
2005-08-16 Tim PopeFreakin' bugs
2005-08-16 Tim PopeLocking and miscellaneous changes
2005-08-16 Tim PopeRemoved holidays and exams
2005-08-16 Tim PopeRemoved debug statement
2005-08-16 Tim PopeBug fix
2005-08-16 Tim PopeRemoved non-XML output for schedproc
2005-08-16 Tim PopeAdded "off" days to XML support
2005-08-16 Tim PopeFirst revision
2005-08-16 Tim PopeStripped out non-XML formats in preparation for new...
2005-08-16 Tim PopeLast name first business
2005-08-16 Tim PopeGrr... bug fix
2005-08-16 Tim PopeBug fix
2005-08-16 Tim PopeLots of optimization
2005-08-16 Tim PopeModified command line arguments
2005-08-16 Tim PopeAdded XML output
2005-08-16 Tim PopeUpdates for Drupal 4.6
2005-08-11 Tim Pope"TBA" handling, midnight to military time
2005-08-11 Tim PopeMinor logic change
2005-08-11 Tim PopeSyntax highlighting correction
2005-08-11 Tim PopeSyntax highlighting fix
2005-08-11 Tim PopeComments
2005-08-11 Tim PopeMinor corrections
2005-08-10 Tim PopeFirst attempt
2005-08-10 Tim Pope\1 to $1
2005-07-06 Tim PopeMinor formatting change on HTML grades
2005-07-06 Tim PopeCSS for HTML output
2005-07-06 Tim PopeGrr, freakin' carriage returns...
2005-07-06 Tim PopeGrade support for new school
2005-06-08 Tim PopeChange fvwm desktop
2005-06-01 Tim PopeIf I have to commit one more time, I will have no choic...
2005-06-01 Tim PopeDebugging this makes me want to shoot somebody
2005-06-01 Tim PopeWhat a load of BS
2005-05-31 Tim PopeQuieter
2005-05-31 Tim PopeMajor overhaul
2005-05-29 Tim PopeMajor changes to away system
2005-05-29 Tim PopeNew away script
2005-05-07 Tim PopeYet more tweaking of grade formatting
2005-05-07 Tim PopeCentered grade
2005-05-07 Tim PopeCompacted grade output
2005-05-05 Tim Pope-f to -F
2005-04-29 Tim PopeNo more Friday exams
2005-04-29 Tim PopeTranscript parsing
2005-04-21 Tim PopeNewline in duration in lieu of dash
2005-04-21 Tim PopeUgly ugly hacks to support TAMUK in addition to ACCD
2005-02-21 Tim PopeReworked holiday system. Added support for spring break
2005-02-20 Tim PopePresidents Day omission. I need a more general purpose...
2005-02-13 Tim PopeFrom NAME to name
2005-01-11 Tim PopeAdded \r
2004-12-14 Tim PopeFixed typo
2004-12-14 Tim PopeGet ALL grades; new text replacements
2004-12-13 Tim PopeFixed bug in term selection for grades
2004-11-30 Tim PopeAdded -b option to quit when on battery power
2004-11-25 Tim PopeAll dates on holiday "emails" are now in 1970
2004-11-24 Tim PopeFixed bugs with times and with "Staff" taught courses
2004-11-24 Tim PopeMore substitutions
2004-11-10 Tim PopeRemoved debug statement
2004-11-10 Tim PopeRefined holiday selection
2004-10-28 Tim PopeRemoved space in caminfo and updated status on abe
2004-10-18 Tim PopeFixed for changes to server side implementation
2004-09-22 Tim PopeScale change from 2834 to 2818 (Still not sure this...
2004-09-19 Tim PopeFixed scale
2004-09-19 Tim PopeMinor tweaks
2004-09-18 Tim PopeUsage information
2004-09-16 Tim PopeRemoved some debug statements
2004-09-16 Tim PopeA lot of tweaks, particularly concerning the MHC schedule
2004-09-16 Tim PopeVery crude script
2004-09-10 Tim PopeReversed school and email fields in faculty
2004-09-10 Tim PopeTweaked next_class
2004-09-09 Tim PopeFixed typo
2004-09-09 Tim PopeBasic instructor email support
2004-09-07 Tim PopeCSV support