descriptionLaTeX MLA styles and bibliography format
ownerTim Pope
last changeWed, 6 Apr 2005 13:55:34 +0000 (13:55 +0000)

Years ago, I started on a LaTeX package to ease writing documents formatted according to MLA style. I graduated before it ever reached 100% completion. Nonetheless, it's very functional so I have made it available here.

2005-04-06 Tim PopeHack to put bibliography on a new page master
2005-02-09 Tim PopeAdded format.month to move the day before the month
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2004-09-13 Tim PopeModified lineskip and lineskiplimit in quotes
2004-09-12 Tim PopeFixed \lineskip and \lineskiplimit (and this time I...
2004-09-12 Tim PopeAdjusted \lineskip and \lineskiplimit
2004-09-06 Tim PopeLeft-justified subsubsection titles
2003-11-27 Tim PopeAdded database field
2003-11-26 Tim PopeSpace after \theurldate
2003-11-24 Tim PopeAdded \@makecaption
2003-11-24 Tim PopeFootnote bug fixes
2003-11-24 Tim PopeIntegrated \NAT@citex and \NAT@parse@date
2003-11-23 Tim PopeTheses now put school in a new block
2003-11-23 Tim PopeFixed urlstyle
2003-11-23 Tim PopeAdded \urldate and \theurldate
2003-11-23 Tim Pope\url, etc now created with \providecommand
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