Yet more on bibliography
[latex-mlastyle.git] / mlastyle.dtx
2003-11-19 Tim PopeYet more on bibliography
2003-11-19 Tim PopeMAJOR modifications to accomodate natbib
2003-11-18 Tim PopeMore work on switch to natbib
2003-11-18 Tim PopeAdded \url
2003-11-17 Tim PopeMoved indent into \ifmlastyle@format
2003-11-17 Tim PopeMajor work on natbib implementation
2003-11-17 Tim PopeBegan transition to natbib
2003-11-17 Tim PopeMore bibliography changes
2003-11-16 Tim PopeSimplified BibTeX in embedded bibliography
2003-11-16 Tim PopeFurther changes to embedded bibliography
2003-11-16 Tim PopeFixed both embedded and sample bibliography
2003-11-16 Tim PopeChanged TITLE to KEY in handbook
2003-11-16 Tim PopeAdded lshort bibliography entry
2003-11-16 Tim PopeUpdated DoNotIndex to include \UL@start and \UL@stop
2003-11-16 Tim PopeEmbedded bibliography
2003-11-16 Tim PopeChanged example document title
2003-11-16 Tim PopeExplained nocite
2003-11-16 Tim PopeFixed error in BibTeX documentation
2003-11-16 Tim PopeFixed typos and some index entries
2003-11-16 Tim Pope\citeC now uses tie
2003-11-16 Tim PopeWrote documentation, added citations
2003-11-15 Tim PopeFixed nested underlining
2003-11-15 Tim PopeAdded <*package> and </package> to output
2003-11-15 Tim PopeGrammatical correction in parenthetical documentation...
2003-11-15 Tim PopeChanged incorrect \fontselect to \selectfont
2003-11-15 Tim PopeChanged \normalsize hack to \fontselect
2003-11-15 Tim PopeChanged package description and subtly modified documen...
2003-11-15 Tim PopeWrote several pages of documentation
2003-11-14 Tim PopeCreated a reasonable DoNotIndex list
2003-11-13 Tim PopeChanged copyright, margins, and surname recognition...
2003-11-13 Tim PopeSubstituted instructor and course for professor and...
2003-11-13 Tim PopeInitial revision