Simplified BibTeX in embedded bibliography
[latex-mlastyle.git] / Makefile
2003-11-16 Tim PopeFixed distclean target
2003-11-16 Tim PopeReworked again for embedded bibliography
2003-11-16 Tim PopeAccomodated embedded bibliography
2003-11-16 Tim PopeMoved bibtex command to index section
2003-11-15 Tim PopeOptionally call bibtex if .bib file exists
2003-11-15 Tim PopeAdded .bst file to instructions
2003-11-15 Tim PopeModified tar and zip targets
2003-11-15 Tim PopeFixed Change History generation
2003-11-13 Tim PopeChanged "all" in tar and zip targets to relevant files
2003-11-13 Tim PopeAdded target to .PHONY
2003-11-13 Tim PopeReadded after corruption