Modified lineskip and lineskiplimit in quotes
[latex-mlastyle.git] / mlastyle.bst
2003-11-27 Tim PopeAdded database field
2003-11-26 Tim PopeSpace after \theurldate
2003-11-23 Tim PopeTheses now put school in a new block
2003-11-23 Tim Pope\url, etc now created with \providecommand
2003-11-23 Tim PopeAdded duplicate function
2003-11-22 Tim PopeShortened page ranges
2003-11-22 Tim PopeAdded Id keyword
2003-11-21 Tim PopeAccounted for umlauts in enquote
2003-11-21 Tim PopeCleaned up use of substring$
2003-11-19 Tim PopeSwitched to csname for macro redefinition detection
2003-11-19 Tim PopeMAJOR modifications to accomodate natbib
2003-11-18 Tim PopeMore work on switch to natbib
2003-11-17 Tim PopeBegan transition to natbib
2003-11-16 Tim PopeFixed bug in tracking of url.used and citen.used
2003-11-16 Tim PopeAdded call to \url{}
2003-11-16 Tim PopeTied month to year in
2003-11-16 Tim PopeAdded url and version
2003-11-13 Tim PopeInitial revision